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tv   Headline News  RT  June 2, 2013 8:00am-8:47am EDT

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i'm not. a stone bowls tank seems quite a punch would want to government demonstrators called of the day in a row and me to tears and the rest could return to the tucker safely with a renewed vigor if police moved it. all this out to to arrest those days with tear gas and water cannons and pepper spray used to quell the public fury which reported in that two people died and sound strong with moderation is all across the. plaza volved want to know me a riot to get clowned at least around the european central bank in frankfurt laying into clouds of protest and report from the scene where many thousands demanded and start receipt. and also prominent sunni cleric calls for a perm islamic jihad against president
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a son of branding him an infidel was then jews and christians down just days out the syrian rebels were reportedly called smuggling sarin gas a chemical weapon so horrific it's been banned by the. blast and i've been i suspect shot multiple times during an interrogation authorities claim it was self-defense while according to latest reports a taser unclear it's unclear whether he was even armed. the latest news on the week's top stories we're watching the weekly here in oz here with me here in ash and welcome to the fore. crowds of government poor thing into istanbul's taksim square sparking fears of unrest in the turkish
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city following two days of fears street bottles at least two people have been reportedly killed and thousands injured back after a riot police moved in to despise the rally with tear gas water cannons and electric showbox weapons what was initially a peaceful city in was snowballed into a nationwide protest involving almost fifty. isn't a stumble for. my hotel faces the tax from square and around two thirty am because of the extreme noise and the smell of something burning coming in from the street and it was really a sight to behold in the middle of the darkest night you saw those red flashes of fires burning in the middle of the square now the protesters have been burning a lot of things around this the square starting from kiosks and vendors booths and ending mostly with vehicles now among those vehicles were police the police trucks that i have personally seen but also they seem to have been targeting. these
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satellite. trucks the media companies a lot of people are incredibly distrustful of the media especially of the state controlled media to go back a little bit the police did withdraw from texas and square in the early afternoon on saturday and that is legit hands of thousands of people started pouring into the square despite the fact that it was essentially permeated with tear gas and pepper spray and there's still puddles of water everywhere from water cannons being used. to the square and one point it did seem like i was not in istanbul but rather in talk in egypt you have to understand that a protest began because the government plans to get rid of a car in the middle of the city it was a peaceful sit in until the police started to break it up using tear gas and essentially excessive force and that is. people have gathered over there in multitudes and they weren't at that point protesting not the plans to demolish the
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park but rather they were saying they wanted to save the country from aragon and his policies most of the people that i've spoken to said they you can see there is three things that they're unhappy about it's early guns policies and towards syria it's the increasing islamisation off the country and basically a crackdown on old freedoms particularly in areas concerning media and journalists turkey remains the number one country when it comes to the number of journalists jailed when it comes to international reaction we should mention the report by amnesty international which offers happens to be really close to taksim square and they have said and i'm quoting that this was disgraceful use of excessive force demonstrated by police in istanbul having said that the police did seem to be targeting individual protesters there have there are some reports that some people may have lost their sight because of the tear gas being fired at close range there's also reports of police targeting individual shops and stores and cafes which were trying to help out the protesters on the square and the police were seen
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to be throwing the tear gas canisters inside but there were also reports that medical very medical association has tried to set up sort of camps within a so they could help those who were injured in the protests but they couldn't do so because of the tear gas permeating the streets i could smell the tear gas coming into my hotel two kilometers away the streets were blocked off i had to walk around in that area it was really difficult to breathe in fact the first thing that a lot of tourists were handed out when they came to istanbul were little maps to cover their faces and really i saw a lot of people with their i did see like their eyes were burning and they were suffering from the effects of tear gas so we can talk about the excessive use of force and still waiting for any reaction from calls by amnesty international to stop the police brutality. and dr john arrington tech i disobeyed the internet based a news organization a stumble guess that is joining us now live full nor on this dr thank you very much indeed for sharing your sunday with as great to have to see you so the protests is
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back again and from your point of view how strong is the movement and who are those taking part that. well in my opinion this protest which europe has been dangerously like you mentioned is part. of the ongoing culture wars here in turkey previously in his culture wars were waged by purely symbolic means on the written page but means of remembrance of certain events and certain dates and now these culture wars have erupted into the streets as for us from the movement this. is quite strong but compared to the people supporting to do it and you're courting and it is quite a small business to stand who do you blame for the violence the processes or the riot police. well from my point of view i can only say that the police in this case used excessive force and such i myself will go i was
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a thing the market couple of years ago when in the wider talks in the area and on that day there was a right happening in the sorry state of your work in the market and i was just doing his job in an area appropriate to the kurds so at that time the police decided to. spray marking the area even though there was nothing happening there in other words what's happened here over both two days. and i think it's fair to the use of excessive force when the police and the percentage of them we have calls this yeah and from your point of view would it be enough for the government to bond down from the papuan to quell the anger that. well. as far as i can see i think. for one thing out of the one i mean the borough prime minister has already come out publicly on sunday speaking to the. council of turkish exporters saying that it will not back down from its plan to rebuild the
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doctor barracks they still have to bury its are also part of one of the earlier referred to as the culture wars and so i do not think that the government is prepared to back to back down from this plan at all however in view of the fact that his international image is very important given thirty's important export figures and the way in which the current government is encouraging trade and commerce as a result might seem feasible for the government to give some kind of leeway on the on the part of the servicemen a matter of fargo and i don't mean you know. to dr john arrington tech i did so but internet based a news organization is stumble that dr arrington thank you very much indeed for your time thank you you're welcome take as prime minister at a one admitted police may have used excessive force but called on protesters to
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stop that demonstrations because the pollack changes are going ahead and political columnist says their forty's must first of all understand what's really behind the protests and change the attitude of the people on the street. one. raising phrase was of course at the moment off emotional outburst saying that if these people can bring up to the square hundred thousand we can bring certainly one million people this is certainly to get it perceived as a threat and of course it will not be helpful at all a lot of people have been sending the message by these rebels apart from the destruction it cetera to the government to add to one particular person that should be no more pattern is a sure there should be nor more humiliation that respect must come back to the
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political approach and implementation it's not about a park anymore it's much more about the lifestyle is about culture about diversity and it does brought together for the first time in a public sr ie people mainly youngsters but also other ages from even opposing political views liberals and artists gays islamicists. journalists seculars non-secure lives etc together this means that that has to do something with the way people feel fed up with the interference micromanagement of their lifestyle. and at our website you can find live updates on the unrest in the including thought page of photos and witness accounts from that also take part in outside load and share your own ideas on the story with us in the comments section on that. and i should aspiration in the german financial capital of
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frankfurt this week took a turn for the was when hundreds of riot get clad officers tore into the march in protest as spraying tear gas police then drove the marches into a tight and ties to area a suppression toxic known as camp playing the zone of all is that aussie in the midst of it all. a planned march that was supposed to go right through the middle of all germany's financial capital only lasted five hundred meters people police into the splits in a demonstration into several different parts now the police have told us that this is because they asked people to remove mosques who were marching in the green put on see a separate scene on sci fi shows campaign is they refused to do that then paint was throwing police responded with with pepper spray now this then ended up with a i was long standoff in the sense that all the front. with so many people. in the clashes that broke out sporadically between the police and protesters.
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there. we were standing there suddenly police moved in and they beat some of us and i was pepper street there was no reason for that i managed to get out. from work oh this is your policy not ours now away from me paying throwing in the pepper spraying the idea behind glow keepon i was supposed to show the political leaders of europe that they not happy that they want change and they said that they had a clear message to those leaders in the european union this is book the fight front
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have been came alongside the release of unemployment figures for the eurozone countries and they made well pretty desperate reading almost twenty million people are out of work in the eurozone most of them young we're hearing that open almost one in four under twenty five's don't have a job and that's what resulted in many people coming out on on the streets affront to demonstrate. tens of thousands also two car bombers across spain and portugal on saturday to make yet another stand against austerity and our you tube channel or truth is from madrid and lisbon the capitals of the two nations among the worst hit by cuts. artes you tube channel rocketing to a billion view from the world's beera to finally disasters two events that continue to change our lives join me kevin owen for more on how you helped make r t the
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first global views channel to reach the you tube with. details have emerged this week of the killing of a church and a u.s. immigrant by an f.b.i. agent ibrahim was shot dead during questioning over his alleged link to one of the boston marathon bombing suspects and there have been reports suggesting he was unarmed at the time that contradicts the f.b.i. as a leg claims that he had target agents with a knife or a metal rod to dashrath father says it's hard to believe he was killed in self-defense. from the photographs that were sent to me it's evident he was shot six times to the body and wants to the head at the back of the head it looks like a finishing shot of an assassination to me it looks as if they came to his house like bandits and shot him in cold blood from the photos his house looked like it had been robbed he was questioned for eight hours without witnesses or
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a lawyer no one can tell for sure what happened there until there is an official investigation the agents say my son attacked them but there were several armed and well trained men even if he lost his temper and became violent they could have restrained him or wound him shoot him in the leg or the arm or the shoulder but what happened was murder complete with a finishing shot maybe my son knew something the police didn't want to come out and they killed him to keep him silent. and investigative journalist and veteran police officer microcode believes the dash of scaling leaves a lot of them to interpretation. there are two glaring problems with what we have has as an already contradictory account from law enforcement about how the events went down the first of which is the man was unarmed and i will hearken back to my days on the streets in one nine hundred seventy six in los angeles where
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. olympic medalist juan carlos got combative with a bunch of police officers not not one of us drew our guns and we were getting thrown around like rag dolls and we were all trained and we were all very very fit at the time so there's a there's an escalation of force scale which was obviously or apparently not followed in this case but my second huge problem with the law enforcement stories he was supposed to be signing a confession to a triple murder i don't care even if if you are the f.b.i. which doesn't have a good reputation you're us somebody is going to sign a confession for triple murder you have a minute jail house and a secure setting and the police officer officers law enforcement personnel around him are not armed because he's in a secure setting this was at best for the f.b.i. . horribly mishandled but it sounds to me very much like they went there with the intent to provoke him and stay just shooting standard police procedure everywhere
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in the world was not followed here. thousands assembled to support a whistle blower bradley manning ahead of his d.-day the soldier finally faces trial after three years of waiting in a harsh confinement often making top secret documents showing alleged u.s. atrocities committed to hold. on for centrals that time shall be one of the gaffing boiled in a scandal of forming in the flounces footsteps placing and gone thomas style prison in afghanistan after the break. children from orphanages now have a special say as how it's going to. end just mama. the child shouldn't live in the north finish for a long cho to be raised in
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a family during these years a little eleven children who come been returned by don't just families. the line to eight percent of the children from zero or more from each place to the sound of. the child has brought us so much happiness. to me. to be this is such a child in the. cold. says
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they would kill an aussie welcome bon upon islam. jihan has been cold against syria with a prominent islamic cleric branding the assad government quote more infidel than jews and christians the call to arms was made by shaikh use of. whose rhetoric reaches millions in the arab world through the al jazeera news network which has made the shake. meanwhile c.n.n. rebel groups have refused to attend an upcoming peace conference in geneva they cited don't go in fighting in the sea or in provinces of hoosac where government and lebanese hezbollah troops have mounted an enormous offensive one but analysts say could change the course of the civil war that my colleague rory solution to this kind of the past week with the company has been closely following events in the country. the leaders of the syrian opposition had in fact announced they will not be participating in the u.s. and russian sponsored peace talks they are saying that has been laws involvement in
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the bloody civil war really complicates things a little the group itself is highly divided there's questions as to whether they have the syrian opposition have credibility with the syrians on the ground meanwhile president bashar al assad in an interview this week said only a referendum would decide whether he should leave power further complicating things is the decision by the european union which agreed not to renew a weapons embargo in syria potentially paving the way the way for weapons deliveries with. such a massive announcement such a big development in the past several days regarding syria so the e.u. weapons and bug has been lifted now the doors can fling wide open for all sorts of e.u. members to stop funneling their weapons or straight to the opposition the rebel fighters what it a decision embraced by all e.u. member states or just a few absolutely i mean the u.k. and france really led this push to dismantle the cargo which prevailed despite opposition from other european union member states those two countries are saying
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that this would somehow help to ratchet up pressure against president bashar al assad the other states not so not so clear. on that although we should note that the british foreign secretary has said that there is no immediate plans to ship weapons into syria but still certainly a cause for concern in a conflict that has claimed more than eighty thousand lives to date some of western powers lucy accusing russia at this point of hampering peace efforts on the whole argument about russia's supplying assad with weapons how does moscow justify this it's a complex issue russia's plan to ship as three hundred anti-aircraft systems to syria caused a stir this week after president bashar al assad in an interview said that russia will be honoring its defense contracts further complicating things that the israeli elements the israelis have said that they are strongly opposed to this that they are prepared to use force if those weapons are delivered but we have to keep in mind these are contracts were signed roughly a year before the syrian civil war broke out in twenty eleven russians are not prepared to console the contracts although the deputy foreign minister has said
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that this is seen as a stabilizing factor that will determine quote what he called some hotheads from considering to send in foreign forces to intervene in the syrian conflict i do these are russian made at three hundred i myself i reserve supposed to be for defensive which is not offensive but what about the issue of the use of chemical weapons it came up again this week can you tell us more about it's a bit murky but according to local turkish media reports the turkish government has rounded up about twelve people with suspected ties to the island those are fronts this is one of the rebel groups that's affiliated with al qaida that's been fighting bashar al assad on the ground and accused according to one it media reports they've discovered what they said two kilograms of sarin gas a powerful new york talks and now these are not confirmed reports but they do come amid growing concern of the use of chemical weapons by both sides and the united nations human rights investigators have in fact and obtained testimony from on the ground witnesses who allege that the rebels had used sarin gas and again unsubstantiated testimony but we should it did prompt a response from
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a russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. we've warned repeatedly of provocation. as connected with chemical weapons we've also insisted on investigations into any case related to their possible use including the incident reportedly took place near aleppo we're very disappointed that because of political games the u.n. has failed to act on this we expect our turkish colleagues to quickly provide a full report on this latest case this issue ation is too serious for those who constantly talk about the chemical weapons problem to keep playing games around it each and every incident needs to be investigated so there you have it the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov calling for an investigation into what obviously is a murky but serious issue of concern. and historian and middle east expert tariq ali says some groups of this who are in opposition are trying everything to provoke a military intervention i think one of the. off some of the
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fight has come battering the regime is to try and create maximum havoc and produce a situation where everyone says we have to have an intervention i mean i recall very well during the first vote in iraq there will sorts of propaganda week was june the stage is shown to be completely false such as that the iraqi soldiers you know cut off supplies to babies in hospitals and so many babies died or no on a larger scale the. saddam hussein and iraq had weapons of mass destruction so i expect anything from people closely allied to the west if the a mr. mr green intervention. the health of the gone time of a hunger strike is continue to worsen more inmates are being force fed her choose
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that as a group of protesters demand and open letter to independent medical help from different doctors. and also later schizophrenia mining who claims to have killed hundreds has been granted asylum in the u.k. throwing out a big question marks over decisionmaking in the immigration system. thousands of people gathered in the american city of baltimore in support of bradley manning on the evil one of the most decisive days of his life the soldier faces dozens of charges after leaking top secret files including footage of a u.s. helicopter attack on civilians during the country's iraq campaign the long anticipated military trial is expected to begin on monday blake or the right order . we're in fort meade maryland in baltimore on monday the court martial against by the first class bradley manning will finally begin private manning twenty five year old army intelligence officer is accused of the biggest leak in the history of the
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united states according to army prosecutors manning is responsible for the lion's share of material that's been shared by the anti-secrecy wiki leaks in the last few years u.s. state department cables guantanamo bay detainee assessment files iraqi and afghan war logs have all been attributed to private manning and for leaking this material the u.s. government is charging him with aiding the enemy and he could spend the rest of his life in prison on monday however the court room here and for me to believe with supporters and prosecutors attorneys on both sides waiting for the court martial finally get three years after manning was first brought into custody it was late being twenty time with manning was picked up in baghdad transferred to kuwait brought back to united states and spent three years of waiting waiting for this court martial to finally get a sense december two thousand and eleven they've been having pretrial hearings here at fort meade and there's been really them all over the world in support of the soldier according demonstrators this is the largest bradley manning really that has never happened in the three plus years since then but if the u.s.
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military custody of people from all over the country gathered here today to really in support of the soldier but there's also demonstrations planned in more than two dozen cities in four continents across the world in the next coming days seoul south korea germany gerano ontario cities throughout the united states and across north america and in the rest of the globe are all holding events this week in support of private manning now his court martial will actually begin on monday more than three years more than one thousand days after it was first brought into custody and by the end of the summer his supporters his family his friends are all finally going to know how he's going to spend the rest of his life and the middle of manning's case let's not talk to michael ratner president to listen to focus as usual rights and julian assange has and we can make. it's us who is mr rock to thank you very much indeed for joining us here. bradley manning manning's trial finally is going to take place on monday three days after he was arrested and
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twenty eight ten wife has a taken so long you know there were a huge number of documents involved in this case half a million they had to go through were two of the big reasons are a lot some of the pretrial was devoted to him talking about how he was kept in custody the torture the cruel treatment and in fact he got some reduction in ultimate sentence because of that another part of the tree trial pretrial was when he pleaded guilty to charges that could get him twenty years was one of the most moving days i've spent in court he gave us a little reasons why i want the american people to know about the crimes that their own government ran on around the world so we've had all of their rights going on now say at least i think a very few are the days of the trial he has pleaded guilty to twenty years the u.s. government wants to put them away for life of course some praise mining as a courageous whistleblower others condemn him as a traitor who risked lives how would you describe him. you know i one of the
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questions you get all the time is well he was a solitary broken duty all this stuff but the problem for me is no one is looking at the accountability of my own government for the crimes committed they're only focusing on yes bradley no bradley i support bradley manning i support what he did i support the revelation of the criminality of my own government and i support accountability for my own government why don't they look at the torture centers they set up in iraq why don't they look at the illegal drones are using all over the world that's the accountability we ought to have we shouldn't be taking one young soldier and trying to put him in jail forever we're dealing really secrets ocracy and criminality of the united states i jury in one of the hearings mining described some harsh details about his confinement conditions being stripped naked at night for example how can the us account for such treatment they can't account for that kind of treatment i was there that day i cried during that trial bradley
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manning was very dignified smart dealt with it they can't it was torture by almost any means you want to say and that they did this to him in the face of the public was only the protests by the public really that eventually brought them to what happened it's outrageous all right thank you very much michael ratner president of the center for constitutional rights and attorney in the u.s. code to then. we can make thank you very much again thank you cheney on monday for extensive coverage of bradley manning's trial and right now with gold a live feed on the protests in support of the soldier online at www dot com.
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a group of hunger strike in grand time a bay detainees have sent an open letter to their military doctors saying they want independent medical treatment more than one hundred eighty maids have been refusing food for months in a bid to put and then to indefinite detention without charge and poor treatment and conditions despite president obama promising once again to speed up the closure of the count the situation that has only deteriorated more people are being force fed a procedure considered a torture as torture by the you are with the number currently standing at thirty seven more inmates are receiving medical help as well as he spoke to the father of the guntown a prisoner who also have the quaids he detainees in guantanamo committee. told us what happened to his son after he resorted to starvation my son being there for eleven years no charges again it's against him it is very difficult for him to tell
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me what's going on there because there is the district shoes for all the detainees not to talk about the conditions inside the camp but i can tell by the way he looks was so skinny this is the first time for him to put some glasses on his eyes. looks he looks horrible. he could not concentrate while he's talking to me he has. affected his. thinking we are very concerned very concerned about is life this we saw britain embroiled in a run how about its own gun tunnel clone it was revealed that up to ninety afghan nationals are being detained in secret and without charge at the u.k.'s can bask in base as aussie staff are found out some have been held for more than a year. u.k.
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law is described this is a secret facility that was completely off the radar leading some to describe this as the u.k.'s kuantan emerge in afghanistan but it was a fun and speedy response that we saw from the other eighty and from defense secretary philip haven't got the details emerge of the detention facility income and of the legal action launched by u.k. lewis on behalf of some of the detainees there were some pretty damning revelations from these lawyers that these detainees had been held for fourteen months now the ministry of defense and the defense secretary admitted that between eighty and ninety detainees being held they were very quick thing to try to move away and quash these comparisons with one kind of might say two main difference is number one that the afghan detainees they said were being held. in safety now and they them by last year we saw the defense secretary hold the trial of afghan detainees
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captured by british forces to the afghan security forces of the concerns that they might be subjected to torture would be another second reason that they gave was that this wasn't a secret this is the first time that many in the british public will have heard about this detention facility and the u.k. ambassador spoke out after these revelations saying that this was a principle of national serenity and that the detainees should be handed over to the afghan security forces as soon as possible the question of how to handle detainees has been the most enduring controversy since the u.s. led military campaigns in afghanistan and iraq and certainly until these transfers have made this controversy and these compare parazynski. they don't look like they're going to go away. london. egypt's legislative body has ruled it
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nico by the country's supreme court while on the streets of britain the executions become a boringly common fight the lack of police of assigned leading to a spread of vigilante justice that's coming up after the break. distraction is one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one spicy issue of the moment and ignore the rest are definitely worth the media attention but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused in cattle which can and eventually. by arctic resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected with various hormones which can make their way into our stomachs and speaking of
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mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any crops and you we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful fertilizers which can affect bodies of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't starve i get why pesticides exist and why they start giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where outputting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead as slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's and only won that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff just other bad stuff but that's just my opinion.
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the weekly here on r.c. a schizophrenia man from kenya who claims to have murdered hundreds of people has been granted asylum in the u.k. bringing into focus the flaws of the country's immigration system one of boycott reports now on the uphill battle for the british authorities looking to deport new arrivals who threaten public safety. he says he's murdered up to four hundred people with a machete and his native kenya killed police and taken part in female genital mutilation but a court ruled that twenty seven year old. is free to stay in the u.k. he arrived illegally back in two thousand and three but when the home office trying to deport him he appealed and an immigration tribunals that suffers from schizophrenia and had made up the atrocities he was granted leave to remain in the u.k. because he's at risk of committing suicide if you returns to kenya. if
8:38 am
you look at. it is possible for him to. join the first potentially dangerous individual that the home office of tried and failed to deport jordanian terrorist suspect abu qatada has avoided extradition for over a decade as lawyers argue it's against his human rights to return to jordan where he could face torture. from a list of. people but it did happen. it was hard to death in broad daylight by two men wielding meat cleavers the murder of a country the suspects have been known to morrissey's and questions have been asked about whether or not the police could have done more to amend the murder and yes a week later we learn that a mentally unstable man who claims to have killed hundreds of people gets to stay
8:39 am
in the u.k. the ruling once again raises questions about his safety the british immigration judges are protecting. ati in london. on the gruesome murder of soldier lee rigby violent clashes between hunters a far right supporters and on. function's protesters in the heart of london at least one member of the british national party was injured in fighting and nearly sixty people were arrested so go online to see what happened and also talk to dot com for you. russia has said it's not afraid to flex its military muscles announcing its nuclear submarines could well be deployed next here in voters to the south of russia for the first time since the collapse of the u.s.s.r. the details are on our website. and a number of twisters have ripped through oklahoma city killing nine people and slamming into calls and buildings we have the extraordinary pictures and the videos
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as well c dot com. egypt's supreme court has ruled the country's islam is dominated upper house as well as the panel behind the current constitution are invalid however they can only be dissolved after a new election of the date which is yet to be said confusion is there in the higher levels of power are breezing chaos on the streets with vigilante justice spreading as police look the other way and you may find some of the images and his report disturbing. great crowd viciously drugs a young man through a street sets his corpse on fire and strings it up video clips like these have become boringly frequent in brule egypt since the revolution two years ago as citizens increasingly take justice into their own hands almost every son missed out for a thirty one year old civil servant from the nile delta is one such victim he was brutally murdered and hung from
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a tree in broad daylight. the crowd thought that he was a thief because he's mentally ill the first blow came from behind on the back of his head and then part of his skull was hacked off the second hit was to his chest and they caught him open arms up three story is not unique since the two thousand number of elisa now have been at least seventeen similar lynchings in this region alone the most high profile victim who was killed last week was the son of a leading member of the missing brotherhood's political party security forces for their part say they are unable to control the situation particularly when entire villages are involved in these bitter lanty mobs however local party leader ahmed shah hearts who personally knew one of the victims maintain security is improving post revolution one of the egypt has experienced one of the best revolutions in history the country's being healed very quickly we're almost in a stable situation there will be security we have a plan for the economy and security of egypt this is little consolation for the
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families of victims like i'm sabri who have seen no justice. the local security chief said just give me one the dog will arrest him in twenty four hours now most often has been dead for fifty days and security director has done nothing . against the backdrop of escalating civil unrest off the revolution many fear this violence is here to stay and that the worst could be yet to come true for our team show came. under her short break r.t. speaks would be needle the libertarian party in the netherlands about individual freedoms and all the parties. children from a war financial system have a special fate that's how it got to. this mama.
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a child should live in an orphanage for a long child should be raised in a family with the during these years only go eleven children have been returned by adoptive families. the ninety eight percent of the children from our orphanage placed we found that. the child has brought us so much happiness. and sundance technology innovation all these developments from all around russia we've got the future covered. olympos.
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lives. live. and over the speed. limit. will. look. good live. lists. and. run a little lists.
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lists. it's been said that in life only two things that guarantee death and taxes and my guest today has some issues with one of those i'm joined by two on monday as the leader of the libertarian party of the netherlands thanks very much for talking to us now for our view is that might not be completely ofay with libertarianism what is it that you stand for it's a political philosophy that wants to maximize individual liberty and minimize government we believe in self ownership we leave that every individual owns his own life his own body the fruits of his own labor and that these are fundamental human rights that nobody should violate including the government so if libertarianism is trying to pay as little tax as possible deal face up in a situation where we get what you pay for well there are many reasons why we are
8:46 am
opposed to taxation the first reason is a moral reason we believe taxation is immoral we believe that every individual has a right to his own life and therefore rights to the fruits of his labor or it was property and that it is morally wrong to take somebody's property against their will and that is what taxation is taxation is legalized for foreign of robbery what changes would libertarianism bring to your well first of all would have a lot more freedom it would mean that people would now control their own lives they control their own destinies they could decide for themselves what it is they want to do with the fruits of their own labor their longer have a government that's taking half of what the earn what we get what do we get a return we get streets we get we get highways filled with traffic jams we get hospitals with waiting lines we get schools that are very expensive but the quality of these schools is not all that great we get.


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